Project setup

Create a repository and clone it

So we begin by creating a Git repository and adding the, LICENSE and .gitignore files, which are of no importance to this tutorial but are generally standard for Git repos. Now on our local machine we proceed by cloning the repository:

youruser@yourpc:~yourWorkspacePath$ (sudo) git clone

Once the cloning is complete, we can check to see what files we have in our repo:

youruser@yourpc:~yourWorkspacePath$ cd simpleble-master
youruser@yourpc:~yourWorkspacePath/simpleble-master$ ls

Include your source codes

Now you can add your package source codes to your repository folder. For this tutorial, we only have a single source file, which will need to be placed inside a simpleble folder under our Repository root.

youruser@yourpc:~yourWorkspacePath/simpleble-master$ mkdir simpleble
youruser@yourpc:~yourWorkspacePath/simpleble-master$ cp -R <path-to-source-folder>/ ./simpleble
youruser@yourpc:~yourWorkspacePath/simpleble-master$ ls
LICENSE simpleble
youruser@yourpc:~yourWorkspacePath/simpleble-master$ ls ./simpleble/